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1968 - 1977 Chevelle

Our radiators for the 1968 - 1977 Chevelle are made in our buffed stamped tank to give your ride a classic look with modern cooling technology. Our Chevelle radiators are available for both the large 28-1/4" wide core models and small 20-3/4" wide models. Original 6 cylinder cars and some 307 V8 cars use the 20-3/4" wide core model. All 350 and larger engines use the 28-1/4" wide core model. If you're dropping a big motor into a car that came with the 20-3/4" wide core radiator, you can easily use the much larger 28-1/4" wide core model simply by using the 28-1/4" radiator hold down and fan shroud. Most Chevelles came with the large 28-1/4" wide core model.

We also have this model available with dual 11" high performance fans and an aluminum shroud if you're looking for a complete drop-in cooling setup for your ride that will end ALL your cooling problems for good!


1968 - 1977 Chevelle Aluminum Radiator
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1968 - 1977 Chevelle Aluminum Radiator (SMALL)
1968 - 1977 Chevelle Aluminum Radiator Dual Fans
1968 - 1977 Chevelle Aluminum Radiator Dual HPX Fans